Constraints – TextArea in Container Control on Scrollable Area

How to setup this…

Have a long text that should be shown on a view completely (by scrolling).
I put a non editable TextArea on a Container Control and set it in a Scrollable Area on my View.
I am not very happy with the result because…
• when I rotate the device, the width of the TextArea does not grow
• it seems there are two vertical scroll indicators, one from the Scrollable Area and one from the Container Control

Where can I get information and/or samples about this topic?

Textarea has an internal “scrollview” to be able to scroll the text.

You shouldn’t place the TextArea inside a scrollable area, unless you set the height of the container control to be the exact same height (or smaller) as the scrollable area.
By setting the same height, it shouldn’t show any double vertical scroll.
The scrollable area might however show some bounces which you should be able to suppress using

declare sub bounces_ lib "UIKit.framework" selector "setBounces:" (obj_id as ptr, value as Boolean) bounces_(scrollablearea.handle, false)

To get the TextArea width to grow, it must be constrained to the Container width.
The container width must also be constrained to the scrollable area width.
The scrollable area width must also be constrained to the iOSView width.

Thank you for clarifying Jrmie!

I think there are too many things hidden in the dark about XOJO iOS development.
Not enough infos in the language reference nor useful samples beside o815.