Constants values in the IDE

In Real Studio IDE, when opening a module Constants list, we had every Constant value at the right of the name:


Now in Xojo we have only the list of Constants but not its value:


It was very useful the Real Studio way because we could see at a glance all the used Constant values, so it was easy to use a new one properly.
Is there a way to see in the IDE all the Constant values of a module?
If the Inspector is a floating palette, you have to right-click on every Constant and the left-click on Inspector just to see a single value.
Really I prefer the old way! (At least it could be an Option)

If you roll your cursor over them in the navigator, the tooltip should show you it’s value.

Nope. It doesn’t show in Windows 7 running 2013r3.3.

Okay, we’ll, that’s a bug. We’ve been trying to get all of the items to have an appropriate tooltip, and we must have missed that one.