console output with stand alone app [FIXED]

I have a stand alone WE app (vs using CGI), I am using HandleSpecialURL (to handle the /api/* calls). When I process those calls, I am getting some data on the console. And I cant find where it is printing/writing to the console. I have done searches within Xojo to find strings/substrings that is being outputted but I cant find it.

is there anything that automagically prints to that console? does Webrequest.Print() goto that console or just to the output to the browser?


Webrequest.Print should go to the output sent to the browser. Print sends things to the console. Any change you’ve just omitted “WebRequet.” before a Print? I actually did that yesterday.

Brad it was even more bonehead. I was running an old version of the code on the webserver. I would copy the new builds up, and start up the old code.