Console messages about Sharekit

Been debugging something where I wanted to check the console. Has anyone seen a message about Sharekit:

NSSoftLinking - The ShareKit framework’s library couldn’t be loaded from /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ShareKit.framework/Versions/A/ShareKit.

As far as I can see I was quitting my app when this showed up in the console.

Any idea what might cause this?

Yosemite, Xojo 2014r2.

ignore it.

NSSharingServices doesn’t work any more on 32-bit as the ShareKit framework in 64-bit only.

I know that ShareKit doesn’t work on 32-bit. But why does my app try to use it?

Are you using MBS plugins?

Yes, of course.

That’s where they’re coming from. Even though you’re not using the functions, the MBS plugin still tries to load the NSSharingServices. I’m not sure which part of the plugin, maybe Christian can look into this?

But that would only happen if you use SharingService plugin from MountainLion plugin.

I have an application that’s using some MBS plugins, but it doesn’t appear to be using the Mountain Lion plugin (unless I’m missing something?), yet it gets this message on startup. It uses the following.

MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_5.dylib MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_7.dylib MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_8.dylib MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_11.dylib MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_13.dylib MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_19.dylib MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_25.dylib MBS Xojo Cocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin_30.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_0.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_1.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_2.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_5.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_6.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_7.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_8.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_11.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_12.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_13.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_14.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaBase Plugin.xojo_plugin_17.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaControls Plugin.xojo_plugin_15.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaControls Plugin.xojo_plugin_22.dylib MBS Xojo CocoaControls Plugin.xojo_plugin_23.dylib MBS Xojo Leopard Plugin.xojo_plugin_3.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCF Plugin.xojo_plugin_6.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCF Plugin.xojo_plugin_9.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCF Plugin.xojo_plugin_10.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCF Plugin.xojo_plugin_13.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCF Plugin.xojo_plugin_15.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCG Plugin.xojo_plugin_3.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCG Plugin.xojo_plugin_9.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCG Plugin.xojo_plugin_12.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCG Plugin.xojo_plugin_14.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCG Plugin.xojo_plugin_15.dylib MBS Xojo MacOSXCG Plugin.xojo_plugin_16.dylib MBS Xojo Main Plugin.xojo_plugin_4.dylib

Nope, I’m not using SharingServices - otherwise I would have asked a different question. I am using the Mountain Lion plugin. From the functions of the ML plugin I’m only using NSUserNotificationMBS. Will try to see if a call to this does the console message.

Well, I would suggest to ignore those warnings.

Some part of your app uses a Cocoa framework part which triggers loading of the sharing stuff.
Could be everything.