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Hi Guys,

Is there a possible way to program in CONSOLE where you can define where to put caption and the data entry on the screen?

You mean “console window caption” ?

You can’t really define where the user needs to type. Not that i know of.
That could only be done with declares and/or plugins perhaps.

a console app can only manipulate the location of the cursor if you a emulating a particular type of terminal, and issue the control character sequences defined for/by that terminal type… otherwise the console responds like a “teletype”

Thanks for the reply, actually, Im thinking of creating DATA ENTRY screen using console application where I can designate the location of each field within the coordinates on the screen. This is very useful on working with POS where user will no longer use MOUSE to navigate on each entry field.

I hope I can find solution on this with XOJO.

Why do that as a console app? its a total waste of your efforts… If you must emulate an old time (circa 1980) terminal system… it would be much easier to do it using the desktop version and either a window form, or canvas. Trying to control the cursor that way on a modern computer makes no sense at all…

Plus console apps may or may not have access to other features and functions within XOJO that would make the rest of your app easier to write.

Remember, this is the year 2016, not 1980

Thanks Dave.

Unfortunately, CONSOLE or DOS BASED data entry is more faster than using Windows style GUI.
Imagine volumes of receipts to be entered using keyboard.

Anyway, with the limitation of functionality, I will scrap to use xojo console anymore for data entry screen.

Thanks Guys!

That has more to do with how the app is deigned that whether its a GUI app or not

IF you write a “keyboard friendly” gui app then its perfectly possible to do a high volume data entry app in a gui
IF you write an app that REQUIRES a mouse then you’re not going to write a high volume data entry app

Been there done that in 1992 in 4D

The data entry clerks could do everything with a numeric keypad that had numbers, a tab key, and an enter key
Nothing more

yeah… what Norman just said (he got there faster than I did…

the first few dozen VB6 apps I wrote, never addressed the mouse at all, as they were upgrades to older MBASIC programs that were in themselves just barely 1 step above a “console app”

If you need a consultant to help you design a mouseless data entry system in XOJO, let me know

I’m one a Clipper programmer back then.

That’s the reason I compared DOS based data entry against Windows GUI.

Thanks again guys!