Console app runs on Windows but not Linux or OSX

Using Windows, I have developed a web app that works in conjunction with a console app. It works fine on Windows, but I can’t make the console work on Ubuntu Linux or Snow Leopard. It does not seem to run in either the debugger or as a built program. While I know my way around Windows very well, I am almost a complete newbie to Linux and only slightly more knowledgeable about OSX. I have been able to check the permissions for the built files but not for the debugger ones. In fact I am not sure the debugger files are even being created as the program does not appear to run at all. I put a print statement in the first line and set a breakpoint on it. As soon as I hit Run, it appears to compile, then the run button comes back immediately. When I try to run the built version in terminal, nothing happens. If I try to run it in a shell from the web app, it returns error code 127 (nothing found). Any suggestions on how to approach this would be greatly appreciated.

Hard to tell whats up without knowing more about this console app - or maybe having the source to look at.
Are you working on Linux or OS X at all ?
If so in the IDE when you run the console app you certainly should be able to put a break point on the first line of code in the app open event & have the debugger stop there.

The web app works great on all three platforms, but I did have to change the paths to the database because of the temporary for for the debugger. Maybe I broke something in the console app while changing paths. I’ll take it back to Windows and see if it still runs.