Console app requires Reduced Color Mode setting???

Hi Windows gurus -

I have a Windows Console app that requires that the compatibility mode setting have “Reduced Color Mode” checked and assigned to properly access networking on that last Windows 10 update and the latest Windows Server versions. Has anyone else come across anything like this? And, fore extra credit, why would a console app have any dependence on the color mode? Granted, Innosetup lets me work around this and the setting doesn’t break older Windows versions, but why?

If it’s not Apple’s dev agreements silently causing errors when code signing, it’s Windows’ dynamic compatibility models … I know, I should be asleep by now, but this is giving me a migraine :S

I am not aware of this rule change, do you have any reference or link?

Are there any declares in the console project and what version of xojo was the console app made with?

Tomas - no, and that’s the problem. It was working, the customer updated his Windows 10 via the Insiders Slow Track, and it stopped working. He is a LONG time Windows MSCE and experimented with settings and discovered that setting Reduced Color Mode solved the hang.

Julian - None. It simply opens a TCP Socket and connects to a port on the server side and then performs a series of read and writes. This has been functional since around 2009 on all Windows XP/Server 2005 and newer platforms. Console was originally built in RS 2007 and the latest compile is via 2017R3.

I hope he has reported that to Microsoft in that case…

I don’t have a Windows 10 Developer Preview running, so I can’t check. If anyone else here has, it would be interesting to know if that’s a general problem that’s coming (unless being acknowledged and fixed by Microsoft - we’re talking about a Developer Preview after all…).

Meaning…? app hangs | connection error/code | console app doesn’t even launch | …?

Have you had the chance to test this on a Windows 10 DP?
Maybe post a code snipplet so that others having such a test environment can give it a try?

Are you able to try a compile with a newer version of Xojo?

App hangs when trying to open the TCP socket.

We test it on every new Windows version when we rebuild. We are able to duplicate this. It’s not an issue when we run in the debugger, only the built app.

There’s nothing special about the Console app, and it also turns out that we have a Python app that exhibits the exact same behavior. One thing that did turn up in the lab - it appears that these tools BOTH open a cmd.exe shell in the background when they launch for some reason on the systems where this is occurring. On other machines and versions where things work, the cmd.exe instance is completely hidden.

We and the user have reported this to MS …


But, two other Console apps that DON’T open TCP sockets don’t have this issue on any Windows version.

Do you have any plugins in use?
Are you able to replicate it on a simple demo app?

Are you sure there is no Antivirus or Windows Defender blocking the access to the port or some other thing?

Are you sure no AD or Software Restriction (SRP) Policy is blocking your app?

Nothing like that - just a standard Windows 10 installation with the Slow Ring update. And, how would reduced color mode allow an app past something like that?

I’ve now moved beyond trying to sort this is Xojo since a Python-based and C apps are also falling under this.

We’ve provided data points to MS, so now it’s “wait and see” time.

I guess you have to keep the “Compatability mode” to off as in keep it as normal. Then see what happens.
If that doesn’t work it’s probably missing some required msvc… libraries or something.

The problem you are suggesting seems very off from the “Reduced Color Mode”.

That is what has me so curious - What would setting reduced color mode have to do with anything else?

We’ll see if MS comes up with something.