Console app - how to add an icon


I wanted to add an icon to my console app but I don’t see the usual icon option on the app package. Does anybody know where the icon button is located on a console app project?

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I don’t think this is possible on Mac.
For Windows you could use a lnk file to point to the console app and add an icon.

@Christian Schmitz I hoped to have managed within the IDE project, I’ll use resource hacker to force the icon after each build :frowning:

RCEDIT is a command line tool that will do it…

Syntax is: rcedit “path-to-exe-or-dll” --set-icon “path-to-ico”

You can create a Build Step and use the DoShellCommand to automate this every time you build.

Actually the Windows part may technically be able to embed an icon in the exe file itself.
You should write a feature request for this.

Question - since a console app is not a GUI app by definition, why would you want to confuse your user by adding an icon? An icon implies that the app is clickable and will run in the graphical environment on all platforms.

It looks better, default xojo console icon is too generic(my default reaction to that icon is of a fake app or a virus) and my app can be successfully executed by clicking on it(it doesn’t have a gui because all it would have is a giant “PRESS ME” button and nothing else, all is done by the code logic letting the user decide if they want to deviate from the default by custom command line toggles). Since I rely on mssql most of my apps wouldn’t execute on Linux/Mac anyway so I can safely ignore ux guidelines for those platforms

I really was just curious about why you would want an icon for a console app Oh, and the default icon is provided by Windows, so you should take that design up with Microsoft :).

In my opinion, if your user is advanced enough to make decisions in a command line app, they probably know what a command line executable icon looks like.

In fact, the exe icon should probably very seldom be seen for a desktop app, as an installer is the recommended way to place it in the system.

I would tend to do the same with a console app, if just to make sure the path is correctly set for the app to be called from anywhere.

But after all, a cute icon does not hurt. We live in an era of emojis :wink: