Connecting to external CubeSQL server

Hi All - my company has a centralised CubeSQL server where we store all of our client databases, and we recently uploaded an application for a new client to XojoCloud.

While the application connected to the CubeSQL Server from local testing perfectly well, once deployed it just comes back with 810: Connection Time Out.

This is only happening once deployed onto the XojoCloud - anyone connecting to an external CubeSQL database? is this some sort of firewall etc. connected with the XojoCloud? I have not been able to find any settings of this type that may indicate that it is.

Correct, one of the strengths of Xojo Cloud is that it is closing almost everything via a dynamic firewall, you need to specifically open the port you need for your connection, in your code, where and when you will need it.


Cheers, Jeannot.

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