Connecting to DynamoDB

Hey there folks!
Looking for some insight on how to connect to DynamoDB using a Xojo webapp. AWS provides very little support using anything other than Python, Terminal, and the like, so any experience would be wonderful!


Meade, you need to be aware of a few things about this forum…

#1 Members are from all over the world, and the time differences between where you are and where someone that MIGHT have an answer could be quite long (you only posted this 15 hours ago)

#2 Even with the time differences, not everyone comes online here every day, and if there is someone the MIGHT have an answer, they may only log on every few days

#3 There may NOT be anyone who has any more of an idea that you do, in which case you won’t get a response at all

#4 “Bumping” does not increase the priority of your request, but in some cases may hamper you ability to get an answer.