Connect to Volume in Xojo

Can someone point me in the right direction in how to mount a networked volume?

Instead of letting the user first connect to a networked drive trough the finder (OS X),
I would like to be able to connect (automatically for the user) from within my code to the networked volume.

But I can find any reference (documentation or googled) to this particular issue.
Or thus this require a plugin?

Kind regards,

Have you tried:


or running mount command with shell class?

Thank you guy’s for these suggestions.

I will try these out later today.

Should have come up with these solutions myself, knew of both options.
But thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

How do you cancel the popup ? even if i put the afp://username:password@server once i click it will show me the popup with the username and password filled and ask me to connect.

Is there a way if you pass all this to do automatically the mounting without asking user confirmation ?


if it is stored in the keychain, it should not ask you for a password ?

well it suppose to but unfortunately even if i always check that box with remembering the credentials in the keychain , every time i run the script it shows that popup so i have no idea if that`s a sierra issue or a general security feature.

so far is there any other way to mount them via xojo and not apple script ?