Connect to remote Redis

Hi All, I have a business case to present/benchmark using Redis and cannot find a quick and reliable plugin/driver to connect to it from a Xojo web app.
Basically we are looking at AWS EC2 instances connecting to remote elasticache (Redis) in a private VPC subnet.
I can connect by using redis-cli from the comand line but this is a little clunky.
Does anyone know of any development for Redis plugins?

Noone has played with Redis?

I’m looking at this now and might develop something, but you can use a TCPSocket to connect to redis and send commands directly. No plugin required.

This is just some proof of concept code. The returned response is raw and has to be interpreted, but it’s all very simple.

dim r as new TCPSocket
r.Address = "localhost"
r.Port = 6379

while not r.IsConnected
  if r.LastErrorCode <> 0 then
    MsgBox "Error: " + str( r.LastErrorCode )
  end if

r.Write "ping msg" + EndOfLine.Windows
dim response as string
  response = r.ReadAll
loop until response <> ""

For more information, see here:

Developed. See

Thanks heaps Kem!