Connect database through proxy


I’m familiar with connecting to a database and performing operations on it. But I would like to offer to possibility to connect through a proxy. How would one accomplish this.

So if this is normal code to connect to my DB:

Dim db As New MySQLCommunityServer db.Host = "" db.Port = 3306 db.DatabaseName = "BaseballLeague" db.UserName = "broberts" db.Password = "streborb" If db.Connect Then // Use the database Else // Connection error MsgBox(db.ErrorMessage) End If?

How would one change that to connect through a proxy? I cannot find anything on proxies in the docs.

Thanks a bunch

Nobody ever did something with a proxy?

what type of proxy?

It’s a SOCKS5 proxy server.
I can set up most applications to run via the proxy, like my FTP client. I just have to fill in the proxy server IP and Port. I would like to have the same option in my application, but I have no Idea how to accomplish that.