Connect BKS Shorts 2 to postgres


I’m newbie to programming with Xojo and I’m having trouble connecting postgre with BKeeney Shorts 2, would anyone have an example to guide me?


You can find the instructions for getting started with Shorts here:
The demo project is also jam packed with examples.

The visual report designer should be able to connect to Postgres just fine in most cases, and does include workarounds for Xojo’s case-sensitive issues with Postgres. It was reported earlier today (I believe, by you) that the data type “decimal” causes an issue. I’ve noted on the case a fix which will be present in the next release.

If you run into any bugs or would like to file a feature request we track issues through Mantis here:

And of course, if you have specific questions you’re always welcome to reach out to

Hello again,

Thanks for the feedback, I will focus my studies on the Designer Report,

It was really me who reported the error of the decimal type,

I’m working on a web project and I plan to create a way for my clients to choose ready report templates and store them in the database.

Thank you very much