Congratulations to 10 years at Xojo Inc. to Greg O'Lone

I just found an old blog article:

REAL Software Welcomes New Engineer

Congratulations to @Greg_O_Lone for about 10 years at Xojo Inc.
See you at the next conference!




Greg was a great choice, Geoff P. Kudos to you too.

Thanks guys. As I was telling my colleagues today, I’m still having as much fun today at Xojo as I was 10 years ago when all this started… and looking forward to many years to come!


I remember when you arrived. The web framework got lucky with its two main engineers. Thom did a great job creating this framework from scratch. And when Greg arrived, he was not only an engineer to manage the existing work, but it was a great job, structuring, stabilizing, and making everything consistent. I was impressed and reassured. A good person, and very talented. Well done!