I like the new website. Clean, informative, everything there - and a webdesign which is appealing to me. No gimmicks.

Absolutely. Simple yet elegant.

Great site. :wink: I just missed a kind of “Products” tab with deeper details about Xojo IDE and Xojo Cloud, A place explaining licensing, what’s Xojo Pro, etc. An overview with extra "BUY"s buttons inside, so people will reach the store knowing exactly what they want/need to buy.

I’m warming to the new site, new forum and now have to navigate around the new IDE which also looks great.

The link to under Midlands, UK on seems broken or the site is unavailable.

One thing I’d add is a link back to the main site from the forums. Clicking on Xojo even from the home of the forums simply takes you to the home of the forums, I’d think from the root forum page it would take you to the site. Minor picking, overall I think it’s great!

Congratulations to Geoff and everyone at REAL XOJO for getting this release, the site, and the infrastructure up and running! As a REALbasic user since 1998, I’m thrilled with the Cocoa support and general freshness of the UI, as well as the new features. I’m sure there are and will be some rough spots over the next few months, but overall it all looks really good. Great job, and I hope you get to sleep a bit now.

Congratulations to the Xojo team on the successful launch of Xojo (both the product and the company image). Other than a few minor irritations (user self re-education), I just want to thank you all for your hard work. Best wishes on this new chapter in your company’s history book.

You’re welcome. There will be some rough spots to work out but we’ll get there. We appreciate your continued support.