Confused by heights


I’m confused by a problem about heights with the page being shown on a phone (I rarely visit webpages using phones myself, hence my lack of knowledge).
The page, which works fine on a desktop browser, has way too much room vertically on the phone (Android). I can scroll up to twice the screen height, resulting in a white view when I’m at the bottom.
However, the values I’m getting when debugging seem correct:


By iterating thru the controls and computing the bottom coordinate (I did it by hand, inspecting the debugger, not by code), the most down control’s bottom position is 835. That’s less than 200 pixels below Session.CurrentHeight (which, I assume, is the screen’s height :man_shrugging:), so controls are probably not the reason for this huge extra space.
I’m also seeing Session.ScaleFactor=3. While I understand it may change the way coordinates are calculated (or may not), I assume I’d get far more wasted space if this was the explanation.
I can’t find other values to understand this problem.

Edit: just realising the issue is only in portait mode. It’s fine in landscape.

Any clue for debugging this?

Desktop browsers such as Safari and Chrome, support a responsive/mobile design mode that can emulate the mobile device. I suggest you try this on a few browsers which will help you figure out if it’s android specific, or just something about mobile? See Simulate mobile devices with Device Mode - Chrome Developers and Tools - Safari - Apple Developer