Confused about volumes and drive names

Using a Mac Pro with Big Sur and a MacBook Pro with Mojave.

I have a portable USB drive with a SQLite database on it that I need to use with a Xojo application that I have on both computers.

What is the easiest way to create a folderitem without a complicated process to find the volume number of the drive since it won’t be the same (probably) between the 2 machines. Or can I somehow create a folderitem with just the drive name? The drive is named CSS for example.

Or am I missing something obvious - which is usually very possible.

You are missing the obvious: on macOS volume numbers never mattered. Select the drive by name. Finished.

We usually loop over volumes and look for the one with right name.

Then you reference it as /Volumes/CSS

What is CSS ?
(Instead of Cascading Style Sheet, of course)

Also, beware, usually (built-in) disks names are “Macintosh HD” while USB drive can be anything (and all of these can be renamed).

The example name of the drive in the OP

Thank you.

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