configure images on Bkeeney Shorts


I’m working on generating reports using BKS 2 using the reports generated by the Report Designer, but I’m not sure how I configure it in JSON so that the images appear in the report,

These images were not saved in the database, I would like to use external links


For static images (not ones from the database) with the visual report designer you can define the image storing location if you’d like to use something other than the default. In the PreferencesModule.AppImageDirectory function you can change the base directory where images are looked for.

The visual report designer will re-save the images as PNG if you drag and drop them in, but if you are using a custom defined location and storing the images there manually, you may need to change some aspects of PAF_PrintKit.ResolveImage to work with non-png images.

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Thank you Tim,

I’ll test and if i find any problem we continue over the email