Conditional Listbox cell color

I populate a listbox (say 5 columns and 20 rows). I want to then look at the value in Col 3 of each row. If the value is >10 then make that cell RED.

Can this be done?


See PaintCellBackgroud event for the Desktop list box.

I messed up. What i’m after is to change the color of the font in that cell to a color like red, not the cell background.

Well you could try the documentation for Listbox. It shouldn’t be hard to infer which event you need for this.

DesktopListBox — Xojo documentation

Jim’s question is not what trigger; what event, to use. It’s how to specify a color change. He already knows when he wants to do it.

I found “PaintCellText” in the documentation your link brought me to, but I didn’t find any example for changing, for example, cell text from black to red.

English is fun. I can see that the “Paint” in PaintCellText could refer to the act of just displaying (Painting) the text, not coloring (painting) the text.

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You can open the example “ListBox Basics” to learn from the examples.

It does not show a cell text color change but it may give you hints on how to do that (as it writes some color boxes on a column if the information of the other column changes).

If you have problems after that, post your code and we can help you.

Edit: Hint, check the StandardListBox - PaintCellText code and you can use something similar of Case 4 - Select case to use on column 3 to change the text to different colors

Thanks all, I’ll take a look at that now…


where can i find the “ListBox Basics” example? I didnt see it in the “Examples”



Bearing in mind that Columns are numbered from zero to N, one possible option would be to have this code in the PaintCellText Event:

If (column = 2) Then
  If (Me.CellTextAt(row, column).ToInt64 > 10) Then
    g.DrawingColor = &cFF000000
  End If
End If
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Thanks! Looking at it now.

All - Much thanks for your help and guidance!

Got the below to work - Exactly what I was after - with a little hint from Arthur :slight_smile:

If (column = 3) Then
If (Me.CellValueAt(row, column) =“Weak”) Then
g.DrawingColor = '&cFF000000
End If
End If

In this case I looked at a string as opposed to a number (but I’ll use that for another column) in my listbox.