Conditional Copy File Build Step

I have this source which can generate 6 different executables depending on the name of the app. I use conditional all over to change the behavior of the app accordingly.

The only place I have to shuffle manually is with copy file steps.

Is there any way to execute them with conditions, other than manually more them ?

In a pre build script you can manipulate the post build copy step
Say you have a copy step named CopyFiles1
when you want to execute it execute the code
propertyValue(“Build Automation.Mac OS X.CopyFiles1.Applies To”)=“0”

when you don’t want it
propertyValue(“Build Automation.Mac OS X.CopyFiles1.Applies To”)=“3”

You can use a module that has just a boolean or whatever constant and that you don’t include in your build to choose the configuration of enable or disable.

The syntax is Build Automation.[platform].[stepName].Applies To"
platform is Mac OS X or Windows or Linux
stepname is the step you want to control
The value is:
“0” for “Both” IE debug and Release
“1” for “Debug”
“2” for “Release”
“3” for “None” IE don’t execute
If you are unsure about the complete name step (with platform etc), select the item in the navigator, in a IDEScript write Print projectItem and execute, then you have to add to it simply “.Applies To”

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