Conceptual question

Hi, guys,

Is it possible to create a system of two applications: Writer and Reader.

The Writer would create a web file and save it somewhere (I do not know where yet - on the server, cloud, etc).

The Reader would read the file that the Writer created.

Is it doable?

Thank you in advance,


yes. they simply both reference the same file location

What would be the best location to place that file?

For desktop application, the Writer and the Reader, I am currently using Dropbox and share it via the Dropbox folder in the home directory.

Is there a better place? More professional? More reliable?

The web app is going to be very limited on where it can write that file. It would be best to have the desktop app fetch the data from the web app with URLConnection.

@Val Kozmenko — Do you mean Desktop applications? Also, which OS do you want to use?

@Tim Parnell Thank you, Tim. I have desktop apps (Mac, Windows, and Linux versions) that share a file via Dropbox. To port it to Raspberry Pi, I will try to use Syncthing instead of Dropbox. I thought I could make it truly OS-agnostic if it were web-based.

@Stephane Mons Hi, Stephane. I meant web applications. I have already tested the concept for the Desktop apps, and it worked.