computed property incorrectly displayed in debugger

create a computed property in a window:

self.i as Int64

set it to -1 at runtime
observe its value in the debugger, it will show as +4e9 rather than -1

if self.i is regular (non-computed) it shows correctly.

My test shows the same, albeit as detailed value of 4294967295 for -1. This is the code I use:

[code]// Doesn’t matter if it’s in App, in a window, in a class or in a module

Property mIvar As Int64

Property ivar As Int64
Return mIvar
End Get
mIvar = value
End Set

Sub Open()
Self.ivar = -1
BREAK ’ Self.ivar shows as 4294967295 in the debugger, Self.mIvar as -1
Dim value As Int64 = Self.ivar
BREAK ’ value is -1
Self.ivar = -2
BREAK ’ Self.ivar shows as 4294967294 in the debugger, Self.mIvar as -2
’ and 4294967293 for -3, 4294967292 for -4, 4294967291 for -5, …
End Sub[/code]

I assume the debugger wrongly formats it as an UInt32 instead of an Int64. But my binary thinking capabilities are more than rusty, so I’m not sure.