Computed property changes value on 2nd run

This is totally bizarre, and I’m not understanding what could cause it.

Please help me out. Go to <>

Download the sample project, and run it in Xojo 2013 R2.

What I see:

  • First run in 2013 R2 : Foobar=999
  • Second run in 2013 R2 : Foobar=0
  • Close project, re-open: Foobar=999
  • Run again: Foobar=0
  • Run again: Foobar=0

Totally messing with my mind.

Anyone have an idea what’s going on here?

I can confirm what you’re seeing on Windows 7 x64 with Xojo 2013R2. However it doesn’t happen in R3.

How do you open the file attached to the feedback case?

Click the little paperclip icon and you should get the option to download it - it’s been zipped automatically, so you’ll need to unzip it.

(oops, i marked Carl’s question as an Answer - how do I undo that?)

Got it - thanks. :slight_smile: I love intuitive software!

If I test it in 2010 R1 or 2012 R 2.1, I get “999” every time.
In 2013 R2, I get 999, then 0 after.
In 2013 R3, I get 0 every time.

(all tests on mac)

2013 R2 on Windows 8 - I get foobar=0 every time

Given the sample I’d expect that

2013 R2 Mac I get 999 everytime but if I save as a xojo_project I then get 0 every time. The instance of the control on the form has the foobar property set to 999 - I guess Xojo should serialise on save and reload it as 999 - it is strange

Thanks, all - per stuart s, a related bug is clearly visible in 2013 R3 and easy to demonstrate:

Its an unrelated bug that was reported long ago - I’ve merged the cases