Computed Properties: Parameters?!?

My background is VB(A) and one great use for properties is to do something like

Fieldvalue(“File”, “FieldName”)=“Text”
to write a value to an xml field (using the property set method) and

myText=FieldValue(“File”, “FieldName”)
(using the property get method) to retrieve it.

Seems like the xojo computed property could do similar work, but i don’t see any way to pass along parameters …

Thanks for any help!

PS: Yes, i could probably build classes and methods and properties to make my call look something like XMLFile(“File”).Fields(“Fieldname”).Value but the above solution would be sleeker to write and use …

Create a method and use the “assigns” keyword :slight_smile:

There’s a Webinar, explaining it in more detail:

Thanks Alex, exactly what i was looking for!!!