Complex Matrix Plugin

Has anyone ever used a matrix plugin from Dr Robert M Delaney ?
There are two version, earlier was only for Real matrix v. 3.4, running properly under Xojo r1 2015 under win7
A new version able to handle complex nbr, ComplexMatrix v. 5.0 17/02/2017.
Last Summer i decide to replace v 3.4 by the new one, “v. 5.0”, outside of one exception mentioned by author and resolved, this ver. 5.0 runs properly.
In January 2020 , i migrated to win10 , ComplexmatrixPlugin v. 5.0 failed , then i decide to return to the v. 3.4 still running properly.
I try to contact the author Mr R M Delaney, but was unsuccessful.

I have used this plug-in for many years (both versions, Mac and Windows.) no problems I am aware of. If you could tell me more about the problem you are having, maybe I can repeat it. Be aware that I do not speak physics; I use the plugins to vectorize my neural networks.

I have always found prof. Delaney to be very responsive. I hope all is well with him.

Hi James,

Since a plugin for complex was available i replaced the earlier ver by the new one.
To avoid malfunctions, only one plugin must be loaded.
in this case as you know, the author gives the solution for the bug occurred in a new version by this:

Exception err
    if err isA DevideByZeroException then
      MsgBox "Can't divide by zero !"
      if err isA RowColumnMismatch then
        MsgBox "RowColumnMismatch !"
        MsgBox "Unknown error !"
      end if
    end if

As i wrote, it runs properly since the last summer, in the beginning of this year i migrated from win7 to win 10.
Few days ago when i start a program the matrix plugin failed !
Requiring to replace the Exception err.
Unfortunately the plungin 5.0 does not recognize, “IsA DevideByZeroException” not found.

You have a typo in the exception name. Try DivideBy…

@Robert Delaney can check the typo…

Download a new one from , added to xojo plugin folder.
It run properly … , strange !