complete learning

i want learn xojo programming how to learn completely other than xojo documentation do i need to learn any language or is there other way ???

Any language you learn you are going to have to read documentation.

Now, if you are talking about not reading the API docs… Take a peek at: … It’s “Introduction to Programming with Xojo”

Also, there are many Web Casts by Paul, already recorded and soon to be hosted:

BTW… no programming language is easy to master, all are difficult. Programming is a complex process, regardless of language. If you are looking for something easy, Programming is not it. Not to discourage you, but want to set a realistic expectation. On the other side of the coin, programming is very rewarding and well worth the effort, IMHO.

Wait, what?
You want to learn how to use Xojo without reading the Xojo documentation?

I’m so confused, how do you expect to do that? Below is the helpful post I was going to post, but then I re-read your question.

We will get mad at you if you haven’t read a word of the documentation and then ask hundreds of questions.
(especially ones that can easily be answered by reading the documentation)

As the old saying goes: RTFM

[quote]Visit the documentation wiki at
On the first page you’ll note a section titled User Guide. Read all of those before you start and you’ll have far fewer questions :slight_smile:
After reading those, you can refer to the wiki for a language guide as you work. You can search at the top, or use the Language Reference (on the left)[/quote]

To reiterate what Tim said and clarify my own suggestion… My suggestion was to get you started. You will w/o doubt have to read the docs as you gain experience and want to spread your wings with your programming skills, and again this is true with any programming language.

Define the goal, and then:

  1. Write a program
  2. Write a program
  3. Write a program
  4. Write a program
  5. Write…

That’s how you learn programming.

Anyone not willing to spent the time and effort in experimenting, reading the documentation, investing alot of imagination and thinking outside the box, WILL FAIL…

And as said above. If you ask a ton of programming 101 questions, without showing some resolve to have at least attempted to investigate on your own, you will find little help or sympathy.

BUT… if you ask intelligent questions (ones the show you attempted, but don’t quite understand)… then we will bend over backwards to help steer you in the right direction.