Compiling into Linux AppImage

Hi, guys,

I have created several apps for PC and Mac; but I have never successfully built a Linux app.

How can I compile it into an AppImage so that it runs on all Linux flavors and/or Raspberry Pi.

Thank you in advance.


Well before you package an app into an AppImage, you need to create an app that works on your Linux machine/VM with all the resources/plugins/libraries it needs and it seems you hasn’t been successful yet.

Building a Desktop app for Linux has many prerequisites that must be fulfilled. AppImage is a good idea, but there will always be corner cases. For example, if the user is running KDE Plasma on Wayland - if you build a Xojo desktop UI app, you will need to include a number of X11 and GNOME/GTK3 components for that user to run your app. Then, you get tangled up in the GPL license restrictions of redistributing all of those components in a binary app.

Before you start trying to tackle the AppImage model, you need to understand the process of creating a functioning Linux app.