Compiling an app for 10.6.8

This I am sure has been answered before.
But I have 2 macs. One is a new mac using latest OS (which I have dojo registered on)
An older mini with 10.6.8 on.
How can I compile an app to run on the mini?

If I cannot can I get an old version of dojo to run on the mini then compile the app?
If so can my registration be used on that software?

Thanks in advance
Tom Duncan

You need to use a version of Xojo or RealBasic earlier than 2014
I currently reverted back to 2013 r3 for exactly this reason… there are too many machines running 10.6
You can login to the Xojo site, and download old versions from there.

I use Xojo2013r3.3 for my clients still using Mac OSX 10.6.8

I used Xojo2014r2.1 for all my other clients e.g. Windows and Mac OSX above 10.6.8

Just logged in as me and did not see any.
I have a Mac OS license, this should have worked shouldn’t it?


After you log in, click the Download link and then select Archived Versions from the list on the right. This ONLY works if you are logged into your account.

I tried that and nothing came up. will test again.

If I remember correctly, the Xojo License only allows you to see Archived Versions that you had a License to in the past. In other words if you got your Xojo License for the first time in 2014, you would only see 2014 versions in the Archive.

EMail Xojo Tech Support and ask them about getting a 2013 version, perhaps they could do this for you.

Thank you i will.
Sent a query last night, so hope that will work.