Compiles Then Crashes

I have a windows 10 PC and I just installed Xojo 2015 r3.1 and tried to run an older file from real studio in it and after I press run it compiles the windows and then freezes. I only have a few buttons on the application, nothing fancy. Any idea what’s wrong?

what kind of items are in the project ?
large videos etc ?

No, it has two windows just with buttons, there are not videos or large files

Old projects exposed to Xojo get corrupted big time. It is a big problem, because of added properties to controls over time that are exposed to the IDE. Drag a new control, similar to the control in the old project on the window and compare the sequence of properties.

Got bitten by that when upgrading a plugin using an existing project that uses the plugin. It’s really bad!

I just purchased a license for 2015v3.1 (was using 2014 for learning this system) and now I have the same issue! I have a dongle plugin from MBS, and not sure if that is the problem. Also, now that I licensed this software, the 2014 version of XOJO freezes also after the program compiles. How is that???

It looks very improbable that 2014 be affected by 2015R3.1.

You may want to save the project in XML instead of binary, and load from that. It often repairs corruption issues.

it sounds like a case of DLL hell. Take a look at the windows application event logs. A bit of research might point you to a defective or incompatible DLL. I had to download and install a fresh copy of one of the VS2010 runtime DLL’s after an installation. That fixed problems similar to what you are describing.