Compiler Slowdown?

As you can read in German forum there are speed issues with 2015r4 compared to 2015r2:

for me one huge project takes double the time in 2015r4 compared to 2015r2.

Do others have similar problems?

Yes :slight_smile:

Same here. But I think Norman explained why (not sure though)

Any Feedback case or link to forum?

This slowdown is not nice and costs productivity.

we have fixed this for a future release

I would like to know if there is also a performance drop seen for the compiled deliverables.

and to be VERY correct its not the compiler but the IDE as it sends code TO the compiler that was the slow down

Oh… fortunately…

it made it easier to track down as I could find it without joe’s assistance since I could just profile the IDE & eventually found it

So I hope we soon see the fix in 2016r1 and praise you for the fast compile time!

Well you CAN read the release notes since you’re in the alpha’s & beta’s :slight_smile: