Compiler hangs during debug

I’m having a problem with Xojo hanging during debug runs with 2015R4.1 & 2016R3 running on MacOS 10.12.1. I initially assumed it was due to my code (I was experimenting with ContainerControls) but eventually found that the same thing happens with a new project having no added code. The crash log seems to indicate the problem is somewhere in the Xojo framework. Anybody else having this problem? Any suggestions re how to isolate the problem? Maybe reinstall? Clear prefs? Where are the prefs located? (I found one plist file, but there may be others.)

It would be helpful to see the crash log up through the first couple of lines of the stack traces.

I am having a similar issue. I am running Xojo2016r3 on Lubuntu 16.04. The compiler runs any web application just fine. However, when I try to add a break point or try to access the Xojo application while the web application is running the whole thing freezes up.

The Xojo application only becomes responsive again after the web browser holding the user session is closed. The problem seems to only persist with the Firefox browser.

Perhaps these issues are related?

I was previously running Xojo2016r1 in Ubuntu 14.04 and didn’t have any such issues.

Greg, I worked around the problem by deleting Xojo (both versions), nuking the prefs and reinstalling from the dmg. The problem hasn’t occurred since, so I assume there was some kind of corruption. If it happens again, I’ll forward the crash log.