Compiler: constant #SizeOfPointer ?

Suggestion for Xojo compiler/debugger:

Introducing a compiler constant: #SizeOfPointer that returns 4 or 8 depending on the Target (32/64 bit)

Yes, I am aware you can make a function #if target32 #then … but a compiler constant would be handy
instead of a function which is always called.

As handy as this would be: there is no difference besides the “handyness” if Xojo implements that – internally it would have to be a function too.

Would it not be possible to make a build script that sets the constant?

I don’t think it must be done this way. I actually think of a virtual constant while in IDE and when compiled it just sets
a constant with the size globally somewhere so a function is not called or either build it within the framework.

#edit: CGFloat is one example which chooses the size automatically depending on the target which a goods time save for declares. I am so happy with it.

I have never dealt with scripts yet.