Compiled on Mac- Runing on windwos MenuBar not showing

I am running Xojo on Mac. (2019r2).
I compiled the project to generate executable for both Mac and Windows Targets.

The project has a Menubar. (It is selected from App and assigned).
Running the generated app on Mac, the MenuBar is showing up.
While running the application exe on Windows (Windows 10) the MenuBar is not showing up (Not visible).

It tried it on both 2019r2 and 2020r1 with same results.

Any suggestions?

Create a brand new project with code only to deal with MenuBar.

Also, remember to add the default MenuBar to every Window you add to your project.

yes menubar on mac are always shown.
on windows, you have to specify a menubar for each window you create
(“menubar” property in the IDE)

I don’t understand. There is code that deals with MenuBar.
I am able to see my custom menus on Mac. The same custom menu does not show up on Windows 10.
I am not using Windows 10 to compile. I am compiling on Mac for the target Windows 10.

Are you saying to keep two projects?

no, set the menubar property in each window.
the mac compile don’t care about it
the window compile needs it.

More information here:

Desktop Menus

OK. Thanks @Jean-Yves_Pochez. That fixes it.