Compiled IDECommunicator v2 binaries

Hello we started using Xojo recently and love it! We’re now trying to integrate Xojo into our Jenkins build system and after doing some research it looks like IDECommunicator v2 is the only effective way to kick off a build. It also looks like the example project already does everything we need it to do, however, we can’t build it because we’re using the standard desktop licenses. It seems a bit unreasonable to have to pay another $600 to simply build the IDECommunicator v2 project. Is it possible to have access to the compiled binaries for Windows and MacOS? Thanks!

Um…no. If it does what you want, then paying $600 is cheap, no?

Besides, it is against the license agreement to compile for someone else. I mean, as a consultant, I could compile it for you but if you want to compile it yourself, then YOU have to have a valid license.

It’s arguable whether it’s cheap or not. To be honest it’s a bit silly that Xojo doesn’t include command line build options. But if it’s in the license agreement then we’ll have to upgrade our license or figure out a workaround.

Easy workaround for us: simply add the code to a Desktop app and run your code in the Open() event, then Quit().

Tried to contact hello@ xojo . com?