Compilation failed release 3

since I upgraded to release 3, I’m getting a “compilation failed” warning very often.
Clicking on Cancel and running the project again it works but, sometimes, it takes two or three attempts to get things going.
Does someone else have the same problem?


What’s your environment? Windows? Do you have some Antivirus app? Is your HDD / File System very slow for some reason? How much memory do you have?

That looks like an older version of macOS. Antivirus is therefore unlikely. Where is your project located?

I have an iMac 21" running OSX 10.15.7 with 16Gb RAM and 1Tb SSD hard disk with some 600Gb free.
As I said, I use release 3 of Xojo. No antivirus running and VPN activated on request (not when I simply “play” with Xojo")

Avoid using any cloud-synced folders (DropBox, Box, OneDrive, etc.) for your Xojo projects as that can lock things which can cause problems like this.

That my be an issue since I have most of my stuff, even that unrelated to Xojo, in DropBox. I never had any problem before, though.
Do you suggest I should work in local and then, in case, sync everything to DropBox?

I always work local, and send copies to backups at idle times (everything closed). That could mean for your case, a folder space for developing, and a folder space for archiving (Dropbox) where you could put copies of approved content for archiving.

Yes :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody.
I’ll go the way you suggested