Compilation failed MacOS M1 chip

The error:
Compilation of ___ failed
An error occurred when attempting to launch the application.

is back. This week I upgraded to the new MacBookPro running the new M1 chip. I am on MacOS 11.3 and Xojo 2021 v1.1 Xojo apps that compiled clean last week will not compile and launch this week with my New MacBook Pro.

I see this error received a lot of forum attention over the last 5 years, but I do not see a solution to the current problem.

Xojo must be aware of this problem by now so I’ll try not to panic.

I think most people can compile with Macs with M1 chip. If you can provide more information I’m sure someone with experience will try to help you.

Things like:

  • do you have Rosetta
  • do you want to compile as Universal, Intel or ARM
  • do you have any plugins

From what I read, some plugins need to be updated to avoid compilation problems.

Changing the compile to Universal worked. Everything seems to be running normally now.
FYI my large flat panel Apple monitor (10+ years old) was causing external drives to not be recognized and a second monitor to go dark. When upgrading to a new computer, this is the worst possible time to have hardware problems and not know what is causing the trouble. When I finally got that large monitor unplugged and out of the room, everything started working normally. It was a long day.

That’s sad. Did you have the correct adapter, I’ll have to look it up again, but when I went to buy the adapter, to connect the Apple TBD to a TB3 Mac, the first one I looked at was full of bad reviews saying it doesn’t work.
I think Apple may have removed those reviews now.