Compatibility of MacOs - Xojo IDEs - Intel/Mx processors - Web&Desktop

It will be very appreciated for me and I believe that will be also for the hole community, if someone of the Xojo Team could prepare a document (if it is not already available one) indicating compatibility between MacOS - Xojo IDEs - MicroProcessors - Web/Desktop
Many of the older developers had passed from Real Basic to Real Studio and then to Xojo, and probably have applications developed in many of the different IDE versions.
In my case I have still many in Xojo2017 and a lot on Xojo2019 (this last ones because of they are Web1.0)
A complete compatibility guide would be very useful if someone could prepare.
Thanks !!!

There is a documentation page highlighting important deprecation and removals:

Xojo 2021r2.1 and DarkMode: troubles with ListBox (nothing appears unless you select rows)…

Thanks @Tim_Parnell … Quite usefull the link you sent. But there is something that does not contain that document: Processor Arquitecture.
For example: IDE 2019r3.2 let Web 1.0 but there is no condition to compile for ARM like new versions are. So if I am not wrong, a 1.0 Web App will not work on a M1s.

If your mac can only run ARM then yes, if you can run Intel apps then it should work.

Hi @AlbertoD, I don’t know how to tell my MAC to run an Intel App.
Is there a way to do so ?

But the main incompatibility with some of my 1.0 Web Apps becomes with database I am using.
I use Firebird.
For Mx series I have to upgrade from Firebird 2.5 to 3.0.
The client dylib file of course changed and it is specific for Mx series (ARM Processors).
Desktop Apps compiled with XOJO 2023 for example, works fine with this new dylib client, but of course the App has to be compiled with the Architecture set as Universal or ARM 64-bit.
XOJO 2019 has not option to compile with a non Intel Architecture.

Any idea ?
@Christian_Schmitz (I use MBS plugins for this) ?
@Geoff_Perlman (the assistance Xojo would be given to support existing Web1.0 Apps as there was not any new release for this environment ?)

In theory, when you try to run an Intel mac app you should get a dialog asking if you want to install Rosetta 2: If you need to install Rosetta on your Mac - Apple Support
This is only once.

Can you run Xojo2019 on your mac? I think Xojo2019 is Intel only.

Edit: I’m sorry I can’t help you with Firebird, I’m not familiar with it. I see Firebird 3 in site but no download for mac, Firebird 5 has a x64 download for mac. I guess you are not connecting with ODBC to it.

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Yes, this is what happens. Most of the apps on my wife’s M1 Mini are intel (not the ones I build for her, obvs). I suspect when I installed it for her I had to say yes to Rosetta just the once, and after that it’s invisible.

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We are no longer supporting Web 1.0 apps in terms of development. It’s not practical for us as the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 frameworks cannot coexist in Xojo.