Comparible function to python's unhexilfy

Hello All,
I have a python script I need to incorporate in to an app I am working on.
The script uses the binascii.unhexilfy function.

Does anyone know if there is a similar function in Xojo or will I need to roll my own?

Thank you


Hello Thom –
Here is the official python def:
Return the binary data represented by the hexadecimal string hexstr. This function is the inverse of b2a_hex(). hexstr must contain an even number of hexadecimal digits (which can be upper or lower case), otherwise a TypeError is raised.

Don’t worry, I write Python code too. I know what unhexlify does. I was trying to point you in the right direction, DecodeHex is what you’re looking for.

OK Thank you Thom
Totally missed it – much appreciated – should stop trying to do 6 different things at once :wink:

Have a great weekend

Thank again