Comment for a column in MySQL-Table

I am writing an app on my mac which creates a database in MariaDB 10 on my Synology Diskstation. All is running fine.
Into phpMyAdmin I can add for each column of my table a comment.
Is it possible to write the comment for each column of a table at creation time directly out of my app?

A create in my app look like this:

app.DBecERP.SQLExecute("create table XXXX2(ABCDE char(3) not NULL, UNAME char(12) not null, "+_ "PARMN char(30), PARMW char(30), "+_ "primary key(ABCDE,UNAME))")

Using SQL Comment is neat. In Xanadu, we put some meta data on the Primary Key column which is always named after the Table Name and prefixed with “UUID” like UUIDLogAudit. The key in the xml is a bit redundant since we need to know the key to get the XML, but it’s still handy.

<name>LogAudit</name> <key>UUIDLogAudit</key> <namePlural>LogAudit</namePlural> <nameSingular>LogAudit</nameSingular> <basePath>/logAudit/</basePath> <fontAwesome>fa fa-fw fa-stethoscope</fontAwesome>

I found these, but have not tested:

Without Create Table

COMMENT ON COLUMN Tablename.Column name IS 'text';
COMMENT ON COLUMN TAB_SAMBANGI.MY_COLUMN IS 'This is a comment on my column...';

With Create Table

create table example (field1 char(3) comment 'first field') comment='example table'

CREATE TABLE example ( example_column INT COMMENT="This is an example column", another_column VARCHAR COMMENT="One more column" ) TYPE=MYISAM COMMENT="This is a comment about tables";