Comment button “Comments” the code all the time


I was a bit tired yesterday evening, but making many clicks in the Comments button (Code Editor) adds one comment Character at each click.

That is if you click twice, it will have two times your Comment character(s).

Is it just me ?

Same here.

Did you try deselecting and then selecting the code again before clicking the comment button? It used to need that (I’m not at a computer right now so can’t check).

No. I do not checked the Keyboard shortcut too.

The question was around: is the tool button working correctly ? (toogle the Comments state).

My question may not have been clear enough.

My answer may not have been clear enough. If I highlight some code and click the comment tool button, it gets commented correctly. If I click the tool button again, it gets commented again, resulting in two ’ in front.

But if I deselect the commented code, then reselect it I can click the comment tool button and it gets uncommented (one ’ at a time).

So the tool button toggles the comment state correctly for me, but only if I deselect the code first and then reselect it.

Bill: I understand (now) your answer.

Unfortunately, for me, this is a bug.