Coming to Utrecht

I’ll be in Utrecht an have time 10th March 2017 for dinner at night.

Any Xojo developers in that area interested in meeting?
We could gather a round of Xojo developers.

I’ll come.

Great. I put you on the list.

We meet in center of Utrecht with a few Xojo developers.
Anyone wants to join?

Arrived in restaurant. Sitting in the first restaurant (from market place) and on a table in the middle.

Utrecht is less than 30 minutes away from where I live.

I have to drive to Berlin tomorrow morning, around 4 am. I would have loved to join. But it’s better to go in early. On the autobahn they drive like maniacs. I better be well rested.

Have fun you guys!

guten appetit

I am still in Utrecht tomorrow evening.

I will be in Berlin until Sunday afternoon :confused:

It was good to meet with Marc, Olav and Christian. Thanks