ComboBox change event

I have a ComboBox where the user can either type a value, or select one from the drop down
However, I need to know WHICH they did… If they select a choice from the prepopulated drop down I need to do
do one type of validation and update, but if they TYPE something I need to do something totally different

Both sets of actions fire both the TextChanged and Changed events

If they type, you get the keydown event. If they click, you have MouseDown. You could create flags in there.

turned out to be a bit more than that… so I went a different route that not only was “easier”, but better fit the workflow of the app, and that was to use contextual menu instead

dave, do you mean you use a textbox that have contextual menu with data to select from prepopulated data

yes… for example a field the is said to be “boolean” (but can in fact store ‘anything’) the user can TYPE whatever they wish, but the contextual menu gives them a shortcut to “TRUE” or “FALSE”…