Combining Images to Share

I have 2 Images and a Canvas in a View, what is the best approach to combine them and Save/Share the resulting image?

Combine them using a iOSBitmap and draw them in. To share/save there are classes (UIActivityViewController) and a method (SaveToCameraRoll) both available in iOSKit.

If you are using the most recent version of Xojo there is a built in class for sharing called iOSSharingPanel. ($SharePicture)

Perfect, thanks.

I can’t seem to grasp the arguments, I pass it the iosbitmap,

SharingPanel1.SharePicture(pic.image, self, me) an error comes up no matter what I put in for the third one.

‘ParentControl expects ioscontrol but this is class View1.view’

Documentation says: “The parent control from which a popover appears when the sharing panel is displayed on an iPad.”

Not an iOS expert, but have you tried putting in whatever button reference the user taps to share?

It doesn’t look like it can be called from a toolbar button