colum name of listbox control

If I want to msgBox tatal colum name of listBox control
how to ?

I do not fully understand the question.


to get a ListBox cell contents you usually do:
ThisCellAsString = ListBox1.Cell(Row #, Column #)

to get a ListBox Row contents you usually do (all Rows):
ThisRowAsString = ListBox1.Cell(Row #, -1)

Of course, if the Row # or / and Column # does not exists, you will get an error.

To get a Header contents:
// Check if the ListBox have a header
If ListBox1.HasHeading Then
HeadingString5AsString = ListBox1.Heading(5)
End If

And if you want to get all headers:
If ListBox1.HasHeading Then
HeadingString5AsString = ListBox1.Heading(-1)
End If

Of course (II), if the string variable was not dimed, you will get an error
Dim HeadingString5AsString As String
Dim ThisCellAsString As String
Dim ThisRowAsString As String

At last, is your best friend.

I hope I found the answer you will searching.