anyone have a way to add a colorpicker? perhaps based on NSColorWell? or ?

this is a joke, right?

Dave there is no color well in iOS. Any color pickers that you see in an iOS app are completely custom.

Excuse me? I ask a legit question and you think I am joking?

I realize this, which is why I asked… perhaps I should word it “Does anyone have a custom piece of code to add a color picker”

When did this forum begin to go the way of StackOverflow… disappointing

Maybe you could simply use a picture of the picker in an iOSCanvas together with the pixel declare posted by Jason King here :

This can be a start…

I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately that code doesn’t work on 64bit right now. I’m working on fixing it though.

UIPickerView with customRows

I don’t think I’d go that far based on one curt post. Everyone is allowed a lapse or two, right?

True… but the lacking state of iOS Xojo is quite disappointing and frustrating

I did not test it. Sorry.

The regular circular picker could still be done with coordinates, albeit the pixel method would have been simpler.

RGB Sliders does not seem too far out. And crayons looks kind of easy to do with a table.

For this app I didn’t want to use sliders… just a simple pallete
I was thinking about using a snapshot of Apples Crayon box and touch coordinates, but the crayons fall too far below the 44px guidelines (ok for a mouse, but not for a finger)

So I’m going the UIPicker route (albeit not in Xojo)