ColorPicker window location

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to control where the colorpicker window pops up when activated, currently my application uses 2 screens as “control” and “display” and whenever I launch a colorpicker window, (using Color.SelectFromDialog) the window opens at the upper left corner of the 2nd display, and I can’t seem to find any handles to change that (it looks like from the documentation if I use I can define a top, left, height, width in MacOS, but not windows) Any suggestions?

Where the Color Picker opens when you are using WordPad ?

to clarify, my application has the capability of changing certain colors (text, background) on a canvas that fills my second display, but when it opens a color picker window, instead of displaying over the "control interface window on the primary display (which is the preferred behavior) it opens over the canvas on my 2nd display.

On macOS the colour picker is universal palet, there is only one of them shared between all applications. It is shown in the last place it was put, no matter what application used it.

Never mind I see this is Windows.

update / solved(ish): I had been calling the color picker from a floating “options” window, changing it to a document window causes the color picker to open on the same display as its parent window.