Color value and calibration with RGBA

Today I decided I would tackle color and start working with color.RGBA

TextArea.BackColor = Color.RGBA(000, 061, 255, 208) //Should be a light blue.

On my MAC, i pulled out the calibrator for my laptop and it reported everything was okay.

I put the RGBA numbers into my app and then checked my color with the OS’s Digital Color Meter. I expected the numbers would be close.

They weren’t. The RGB values are 208, 226, 255
I don’t have any red in the code. There is much more Green.


Please read my recent blog post about color spaces:

Xojo uses Generic RGB colorspace on Mac.

Possibly because you have a mostly transparent alpha value, the red could be coming from whatever color is behind the textarea?

Thanks, Christian. I had thought Mac was better at color. Not exactly anymore.
I found a link on MSDN about Generic RGB.

Tim: I have a window that does have the standard grey (236,236,236) but would that affect it.

You have an alpha value that’s mostly transparent. I would think that if that color is actually transparent for the TextArea’s background that the window color would seep through causing the red value to not be 0.

Edit: The reason I say it like this is because applying a transparent color to the background of a Window doesn’t work, you need declares to make a window transparent. I’m not sure if the same applies to controls.

For the moment, it’s definitely the transparency and may be MAC.
I eliminated the Alpha and Red mostly disappeared.
I changed it to (with half transparency)

Color.RGBA(000, 061, 255, 120)

and the Red went 120.