Color.TextColor not Supported in Web Apps?

In Desktop Apps, if I want to set a label to the default text color for dark or light mode, I use label1.TextColor = Color.TextColor. This does not work in Web Apps. I’m getting an error “This item does not exist” for Color.TextColor.

The workaround I’ve found is to just set the color to nil. Example: Label1.TextColor=nil

Am I missing something? I dont’ know how I’ve never run into this before now.

In Web Apps you may use Style, something like:

label1.Style.ForegroundColor = color.Cyan


label1.TextColor = color.Cyan

Style accepts a Color Group (maybe TextColor too?) so the label can have light/dark mode colors.

Edit: maybe you need something else? It seems like the default light/dark color for labels is ‘Nil’, you can assign a Color Group if you need something different.

Edit2: now that I played with the color.textcolor in Desktop and Web, it seems that Web has a bug, can you create an Issue for this?