Color Picker trouble in 2015r1 IDE

I’ve got a Color Peeker (no, not Woody Wood…) trouble:

for forgotten reason, I was fooling around with the Color Peeker with Xojo 2015r1…

…until I realized that my project amin and onmy window disappears… (I used cmd-x and cmd-v in the Color Peeker)

Am I alone in thiw one ?

Woody is a Woodpecker, but I think the word you are looking for is “picker” (Color Picker: to pick a color)? (Isn’t English wonderful) :slight_smile:


The word was looking strange when I first wrote it that way; probably a mix of two times a two o character in WW… and been oldster one day more day after day (alone on the hill…).

Doh ! I may recall Peek / Poke conversation from earlier this year … I love this explanation better (but this still looks strange).
Note that I had the correct number of characters / and I squashed the error in the conversation title !
Back to the trouble:

I do two screen shots, the one with the Color Picker frontmost (but it does not display anything special excepted the missing Window1 entry in the navigator), the second with the IDE error message (who is far better explicit: the properties pane display the properties for WIndow1, but no entry called Window1 in the Navigetor pane).

I do not share them here because of their foot print… 3,360 x 2,100 pixels ;-:slight_smile: